Diplomatic & Sovereign Immunities
International Arbitration

Because State’s sovereignty and that of its representatives are not negotiable, for more than 20 years, our Firm stands by Nations and takes actions so that public interest prevails over private interest

Grossmann Law Firm is worldwide renowned for its practice of International Law on behalf of States.

Before Arbitral tribunals or States’ courts, in civil or criminal matters, the Firm defeats harmful coalitions of private and political organizations driven by financial interests.

The rule of law serving the State so that State’s interest prevails.

The Firm intervenes in prelitigation and contentious phases of international arbitration proceedings and before State’s courts handling disputes as set aside applications or enforcement of arbitral awards.

The Firm successfully represented more than 20 States in consequential arbitrations and States’ courts cases.

Patience, savoir, efficiency and discretion are the weapons deployed so that Nations’ interests prevail.

A unique expertise and methodology

“ Praised for his discretion and efficiency, he is the lawyer that Heads of State fight over ”

International arbitration

& diplomatic immunities

International commercial litigation

International Criminal Law


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